This M’sian Startup Shows How And Why It’s Okay To Say “Tumpang, Bro” To A Stranger

Travelling a journey alone is a debatable matter.

Some may agree that driving solo is a calming activity and prefer those long hours of silence. Others seek companionship and search through their immediate contacts to find people that can be roped in along with them.

It only begins to be a worry when those relatives and friends give excuses on why they can’t join you and you find yourself having no choice but to endure the tiring journey by yourself. This was also the thought process of two Malaysians who decided to start a service that could potentially solve this.

Droupr is a new carpool and ride sharing service for Malaysians that helps pair car owners heading off to a certain destination with a passenger looking to go the same way. This web-based startup is looking to connect locals with the surrounding community, where they can experience safe travelling while also saving costs on the expenditure of the overall journey, all done with just a few taps on their website.

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