Safari Grom Search with Droupr

SAFARI GROM SEARCH 2018 (Powered by Rip Curl) is taking place at Cherating in Pahang on December 7 to December 9. As the transport provider of the event, we’ve got you covered! You can expect to see a RM20 voucher each ride, to and from Cherating, from 5th December 2018 -12nd December 2018. when you use promo SAFARI.

Valid for rides to and from Cherating, Pahang only. You only need to apply this promo code twice. 


– Open your Droupr app and set your pickup and drop-off location under the option.
– You can expect to see a RM40 voucher when you use promo SAFARI.
– You may get matched with another rider traveling the same way.
 Enjoy hassle free, door to door pick-ups and drop-offs at an affordable price.


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