New Features

We have added new features, and tweak the existing one to suit the needs and provide more meaningful experience to your journey.

Introducing DrouprCity fees – all rides within 20km will be fixed at RM5 per seat! Enough to cover the tolls and parking for that quick weekend shopping for a single passenger, or the total journey for all three seats!

Filter result – now you can filter the result based on date, price, event, and profile.

Introducing Door2Door add-on – for driver who willing to pick up and drop the passengers at the desired location, they can do so now. Get extra ringgits for that add-on service on top of cost contribution.

Event driven journey – mark each of your shared journey with event. Going for shopping? Lunch? Dinner? Concert? Now you can mark it and will get notice by other users who is looking to go to the same event!

Fully verified member – all members with fully verified profile will have a special badge shown on the search result. How to be a full verified member? Easy, just upload your profile picture, verify your IC number and house address, and link your Facebook account (either by registering via Facebook, or link it from your ‘Account’ page)
Revised fees – we try to be fair to everyone. The contribution fees has been reduce to 10%. More reason to book and ride! (Please read our terms and condition on for more details.)

Did you know that with Droupr, passenger will always pay in advance, and your shared journey is available per seat, and not the whole car? No more creating multiple journey just to get extra passengers for your ride, or opening your calculator trying to figure out how much to split.

Did you know that driver will only be paid after 72 hours of completed journey ensuring your ride is safe, secure, and as per agreed? Droupr have ‘Resolution Center’ where passengers can log a dispute for journey, and settle it with driver, or escalate it to Droupr.

Did you know that Droupr have its own messaging system from day one? Yes! You can always message each other once you have a confirmed booking, or ask the driver on their public page regarding the offered journey. We don’t call it a ‘new feature’. It’s already there. 😉

Until next time, have a safe and enjoyable journey!

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