Droupr – local intercity ride-sharing service debuts

Tired of trying to scour and secure transportation back to the hometown during festive seasons? Buses and trains not cutting it for you? Well, the introduction of a new ride-sharing service may be just the thing, then. It’s called Droupr, and it’s a local web-based, mobile-friendly service for Malaysians to share a ride together with someone driving a car and heading to the same destination.

Pairing together car owners about to make the journey to a specific location with passengers who are also looking to head to the same place, Droupr is essentially a car-pooling resource, with everyone sharing the cost of travel.

The system – which aims to give everyone a community-based, safe travelling experience – matches the available seats in cars with a real search engine, and its developers say it has been engineered to create a secure, trust-based community with declared identities and full member profiles.

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